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I walked 500 miles on October 30, 2011

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So for anyone who was following what was up with me….

My mom called just now. My uncle has a brain tumour that isn’t cancerous, so I’m inferring that means a benign tumour. He’s going to have to make appointments to go back and get more tests done so they can figure out what to do.

It’s not great news, obviously, but it’s a hell of a lot better than we were fearing.

I’m still not feeling great about it, but at least he’s got a shot. Hopefully they’ll figure out a straightforward plan of action for removing it.

I think I need to mentally transition now from fearing the worst to actively hoping for the best.

  1. gallifreyburning said: Prayers: definitely ongoing. Sounds like you’re not plunging off the cliff, so that’s good news. HUGS!
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